D-Express AirBnB Laundromat

Elevate Your Airbnb Experience with D-Express Laundry’s Airbnb Laundromat in Erie, PA

Welcome to the future of laundry convenience in Erie, PA! D-Express Laundry, now under new management, proudly presents its cutting-edge Airbnb Laundromat service, tailored specifically for Airbnb hosts and guests in the area. Our revamped facility is equipped with brand-new washers and dryers, promising a seamless and enjoyable laundry experience. Discover how D-Express Laundry is transforming the way you handle laundry during your Airbnb stay in Erie.

Experience the Convenience of Airbnb Laundromat Services in Erie, PA

At D-Express Laundry, we’ve tailored our Airbnb Laundromat service to meet the specific requirements of Airbnb hosts and guests in Erie. In an effort to provide a convenient and efficient laundry solution, we’ve equipped our facility with cutting-edge washing machines and dryers for an effortless laundry process for all.

Dedicated Laundry Solutions for Airbnb Hosts

At D-Express Laundry, we understand the importance of providing exceptional service to Airbnb hosts. Our Airbnb Laundromat is a dedicated solution that allows hosts to offer an added amenity to their guests. No more sending guests on a quest to find a nearby laundromat – our facility is conveniently located, making laundry day a breeze for both hosts and guests.

Seamless Laundry Experience for Airbnb Guests

Imagine arriving at your Airbnb accommodation in Erie and finding a modern, on-site laundry facility at your disposal. D-Express Laundry ensures that Airbnb guests can enjoy a seamless laundry experience with our new washers and dryers. Refresh your wardrobe effortlessly, so you can focus on making the most of your stay in Erie.

Quality and Comfort Under New Management

With new leadership at the helm, D-Express Laundry places a high emphasis on excellence and ease. Our dedication to offering an unparalleled experience is demonstrated by our investment in state-of-the-art laundry machinery. We view our Laundromat as more than just a utility space – it’s an integral part of the Airbnb experience, tailored to amplify your comfort and convenience.

Convenient Locations Across Erie for Your Ease

D-Express Laundry strategically places its Airbnb Laundromats throughout Erie to ensure that guests have convenient access, no matter where their Airbnb adventure takes them.


This thoughtful approach simplifies laundry logistics for guests and positions D-Express Laundry as a key player in enhancing Erie’s hospitality landscape.

A Community-Focused Approach to Erie’s Airbnb Ecosystem

Beyond providing a state-of-the-art Airbnb Laundromat, D-Express Laundry takes pride in its community-focused approach. By catering specifically to the unique needs of Airbnb hosts and guests, our Laundromat becomes an integral part of Erie’s hospitality ecosystem, contributing to a positive and memorable experience for all.





    We really love it here. Clean, Clean, Clean!!! Wow, that's a mouthful. But it's True, not many place's like this anymore. We're always telling people about this place. New Washers and Dryers, 2 cable TV's, Chair's that are actually comfortable, and Laundry Service's, what more do you want!!! We travel from Lake City, PA, just to do our laundry here. The Staff are very helpful and actually enjoyable to talk to.

    John T M
    Erie, PA


    I used this laundromat for the first time today and I am very impressed! The inside is very clean and well taken care of. The furniture choice is very comfy and looks really good! The laundry supply machine and snack machine were both very well stocked. I loved that the machines took cards! While its out of my way and a little higher price than I normally pay, I will definitely be returning!

    Brandon Greene
    Erie, PA


    Very very clean and well maintained. Washing machines galore. Small, medium, large, extra large and huge. Dryers work well. Vending machines have all necessary items for your laundry needs as well as drinks and snacks. 5 TV's with remote controls. Nice sitting area. Clean restroom. On site services. Gaming. Close to several restaurants and bars as well as a Dollar General and several convenience stores and a car wash.

    Jeffrey Szymecki
    Erie, PA


    Easily the nicest laundromat in Erie. The attendants are all sweet as pie and you can tell they care about putting work into keeping the place nice. The machines never smell and it's honestly the one laundromat in Erie I feel that doing laundry isn't a gross chore.

    Adi T
    Erie, PA