10 January, 2024


The Impact of Dry Cleaning on Fabric: Lifespan and Sustainability

Dry cleaning helps maintain the sheen of your fabric and increases its lifespan. The best part of getting your clothes dry-cleaned is that you do not unnecessarily waste water. A few dry cleaning companies use the chemical solvent PERC, but sustainability and environment-conscious businesses have made way for eco-friendly dry cleaning. These dry cleaners leave out harmful chemicals and minimize wastage using eco-friendly methods. It saves not only the fabric but also the environment as a whole.

Advantages of Dry Cleaning for Fabrics

1) Removes Tough Stains

A red wine on your dress and tomato sauce on your clothes can lead to tough stains. Instead of throwing your dress out, you can send it for dry cleaning. Eco-friendly or chemical solvents help remove tough stains from linens, hotel clothing, wedding dresses, uniforms, etc.

2) Using Gentle Solvents

Dry cleaners use gentle solvents to maintain the longevity and lifespan of clothing that can tear up with rigorous washing. These gentle solvents are best for cloth fabrics like chiffon and silk. It also preserves the texture and fabric of the clothing. Moreover, the vibrancy of the color is also maintained.

3) Large Items Cleaning is Easier

Dry cleaning more oversized items like drapes, comforters, area rugs, slipcovers, etc., is impossible at home. Moreover, the dry cleaning of larger clothes saves you time and money that will be otherwise used by washing machines or detergents. People with busy schedules will have to worry less. Even a few dry cleaning companies will deliver these larger clothes to your doorstep.

4) Eliminating Odors

Dry cleaning proves helpful in removing the odors from the clothes that may occur because of food, sweat, stains, smoke, etc. The gentle cleaning solvents used for dry cleaning the clothes remove and neutralize the odor, leaving the fabric squeaky clean and fresh. The cleaning process, combined with pressing and finishing, will leave a good impression on your onlookers.

5) Longevity of the Clothing is Improved

Dry cleaning your clothes will improve and extend their lifespan. The frequent washing of the soft fabrics will wear off the cloth. It will make the fabric age faster. However, an effective dry cleaning will remove the dirt from within the fibres and improve the longevity of the clothes.


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